Shipping Carrier

We currently handle shipments in Europe only through the following postal services:



Dutch Post Service

Privacy And Discreteness

We take seriously your privacy and discreteness. Every order at is shipped in a anonymous box with nothing printed on the outer side.

Only your name, surname and address will be set on the shipping label.

Shipping Cost & Delivery Time

Austria2-3 days7.95€100€
Belgium1-2 days4.95€100€
Bulgaria3-6 days24.95€100€
Croatia3-6 days21.95100€
Czech Republic2-4 days7.95€100€
Denmark2-3 days7.95€100€
Finland2-3 days7.95€100€
France2-3 days7.95€100€
Germany2-4 days4.95€100€
Greece2-3 days7.95€100€
Hungary2-3 days7.95€100€
Iceland2-4 days21.95100€
Ireland2-3 days7.95€100€
Italy2-4 days7.95€100€
Lithuania3-5 days7.95€100€
Luxembourg2-3 days7.95€100€
Netherlands1-2 days4.95€100€
Norway2-4 days13.95€100€
Poland2-3 days7.95€100€
Portugal2-3 days7.95€100€
Romania2-4 days7.95€100€
Slovenia2-4 days7.95€100€
Slovakia2-4 days7.95€100€
Spain2-4 days7.95€100€
Sweden2-3 days7.95€100€
United Kingdom2-4 days4.95€100€